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Where Can I Get Waste Nylon In Quantity



Where Can I Get Waste Nylon In Quantity.

This is all about people who wants to make money from waste nylon. Nylon is also called waterproof or cellophane. You might start trading or getting it to supply to a recycling company that buys and pays you. You find out that no matter the quantity of tonnes that you bring, you will be paid for all. In this kind of business there is usually no left over. How the problem is how to get it and in large quantity. At the end of this article you will be able to find out how to get it in large quantity. The question, where can I get waste nylon in Quantity.

Where can I get waste nylon
1. You can get it in the market place.

Here nylon are disposed anyhow and anywhere especially in some waste African countries like Nigeria. It is usually the common packaging material for almost everything in the market. So people throw it away often. If you can pick or gather it. You will get a huge kilograms of it.

If it is for a big market, then you can’t do it but will need a second hand or hands to help you gather it.

2. In The Pure Water Companies.
This is the nearest and safest place to get waste nylon. And here you can get quantity of it.

As the pure water company is filling their water, machines make mistakes, jumps some nylon and that can’t be used again. It is a waste nylon.

You notice that they can’t avoid this and that can make them to have waste nylon to be given to nylon recycling companies.

If you can make arrangement and meet some of all these pure water Production company to be giving you on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly, then you will be having it in large quantity to supply to nylon recycling companies.

  1. 3. InThe Dustbin And Pits-Where Can I get.

You can get it in dustbin and pits. But then, it is usually dirty and unhygienic for your health. Unless you wear safety clothing, boots and facial cover. Though the dirty nylon are washed cleaned and treated before they are recycled. It is usually good to protect your self before you go to refuse dump, pit or dustbin to pick or gather it.

4. In The Streets And Roads
You can get waste nylon in Quantity in the streets and roads. This requires using a long hand picker than bending down to pick it.

The long hand picker picks it one by one and you put it into a big bag. This process is good but it is usually stressful.

Those listed are the places to get waste nylon in quantity.

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