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What Business Can I Start With 300,000 Naira In Nigeria 2021



People could ask series of questions about businesses to start. And sometimes confusion sets in. There are a whole lot of businesses to start with some money that is less than half a million. But I will suggest the lower key nylon Business. The questions comes What Business can I start with 300,000 naira in Nigeria 2021.

What Business Can I do

The Business that you can start with that is nylon cutting and sealing.

How To Start  This Business.

Get a place, you can start from your home once you have a bigger space.

Materials To start.

•Get an automatic cutting and local machine in Nigeria.

•Also get Punching Machine.

•Get A roll or rolls- 50kg and above of nylon.

•Power source or standby Generator.

• Then also packing materials.

The above are the things you need to start this business on a low key.

Get  Mentorship .

Go to people that are in business already to learn it. These ones will mentor you on how to do the Business. The secrets of the business.

Production/Cutting And Sealing Of the Nylon.

This will require  putting the nylon roll on the machine to cut and seal it.

Production And Quality

Here you have to watch out for competitors. Your products must stand out. Like using new nylon roll and not recycled ones to do your business.

New ones are durable, and does not easily tear. But recycled ones can easily tear. There is nothing that makes a consumer angry like having a packaging material disappoint. So produce quality material.

Types Of Nylon To Cut And Seal.

•Small black handless

•Big black handless

•Small black with hand.

•Big black with hand.


•Flat White

•Pencil Mouth

•Water Melon nylon and so on.

Labelling And Packaging.

Get your label ready and put it in each packet as you package it.


You can market it by supplying to wholesalers and also retailing.

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