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What Business Can I Start In Nigeria



The question on your mind is What Business Can I start in Nigeria? This  question comes especially when the capital is there. 


What kind of business can I do in Nigeria?

You ask yourself.

Have some amount. I don’t know what to do.

But my question is this, do you want to go into production?

If yes, there are many things you can produce.

But I think I will have to go for this simple. Rather simple.

I mean, simpler one.

Can you try your hands on detergent and liquid? Bitch?

Liquid bleach.

If you come to do or produce detergent and liquid bleach, that would be good.

Why do I say this liquid bleach and


Liquid bleach and detergents.

I said that because it is used in the house every day.

People will always come for it. It makes the home and makes people clean. Clean is the sea is Next to Godliness.

Even your own human being, you can attract them with neatness.

Yes Neatness.


And the beauty about liquid bleach is that it can kill germs of different forms.

It can kill bacteria, viruses and  Fungi.

Even though, that a viruses cannot die. What I mean is that outside a living it is dead. Then inside a living host it replicates.  And during the time of Ebola virus bleach, were used to clean their houses. That is to sanitize it.

And that is for people that had  contact with any infected person that visited their home

So it which can be used to clean off. The Ebola that means is very, very good for toilet.


I mean, bleach can be used to clean the sitting room. Room. Toilets.


And even the kitchen, I don’t mean. Using it to wash floor, tiles in the house.

Well, these two products we are talking about is fast moving. The demand for it is very high.

And the demand for it will be there from generation to generation.

So why don’t you learn it or rather?

Teach yourself. Through  YouTube.

You can even learn from a company that is already producing.

So if you want to go into production and you have the money, these two products will sell well enough.

You don’t have the money, you can search for fund, credit loan. Finances.

From relatives and Friends.

So this is one business, you have to start. You have to write out the proposal, at least the way you have to do it.

What business Can I


Map out your Business detail, how to do it  the machines that you need.

Also get a location. You can even start it from your home.

But if not possible, you have the money for land, you can buy.


Can you start from home?

The choice is yours and it all depends on your pocket.

Production  is one can business you have to do but capital   is the key.

Also production is one business you have to do because it helps with the development of a country. And if you venture into it, you never regret it.

So, prepare to start immediately and always smile to the bank.

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