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Wakanda Inu A Memecoin With A Difference



Wakanda Inu A Memecoin With A Difference.

What is Wakanda Inu?

Since the early days of cryptocurrencies, Africans have been a big player in the space and one of the fastest-growing markets, yet barely any African crypto project has made it to the world stage. That is the truth.

Wakanda Inu has changed That.

Wakanda Inu is the first African token (and meme coin) to gain worldwide recognition and. It is doing it in grand style.

And since its launch, barely over 72 hours ago, the Wakanda Inu community has grown massively, pulling members from around the world.And the price action has been packing enough momentum to match the awesome growth.

As of press time, the $WKD token has undergone significant growth in its price from launch. Going upward by over 1200%.

However, Wakanda Inu is not all memes and price action. The project brands itself as a movement that embodies the African desire to be more and rallies the voices of all marginalized peoples around the globe.

The movement also seeks to take an active role in fostering poverty alleviation, promoting charity. Also spreading crypto awareness, and bolstering the aspirations of people everywhere.

The origins of the projects help to further solidify its ethos.

The Wakanda Inu movement started as a community-powered project and operates as a leaderless entity that represents the goodwill of this single, unified, global community that believes nothing is impossible, especially when the people come together.

The unimaginable surprising growth in a few days

Since the Wakanda Inu launch, the unprecedented market response and the massive community growth has been a clear indicator of the people’s belief in the idea. Yes People love it very well.

And this is really Good for Africans and the world at large. To attain a feet like this in Cryptocurrency is awesome.


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