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Top 5 Energy Drinks In Nigeria 2021




Top 5 Energy Drinks In Nigeria 2021.

People all over the world love energy drinks. So do Nigerians.

Sometimes, one might be exhausted in work, or might be a bit weak and require that little boost to kick off.

Top 5 Energy Drinks In Nigeria

Energy drinks will come into play. Especially for drink lovers. They will fall back on their probably chilled energy drink.

Below are the list of top 5 energy drinks in Nigeria.

1. Red Bull  Energy Drink.

Red Bull have to start with the number one here. This one is popular everywhere including Nigeria.

It is the Red Bull energy drink. Obviously, Red bull energy drink is popular worldwide. Produced by an American Company -the Red bull.

They sponsor sports activities. This energy drink has a potent energizing effect and delicious flavor.


The ingredients contained in red bull are caffeine, sucrose and glucose, taurine, B-vitamins.

2. Monster Energy Drink

And the next on the line is Monster Energy Drink.


A lot of people take this. And `it is very popular worldwide.

It is produced by an American company called Monster beverage.

They sponsor sports activities and athletes. Monster offers a wide variety of flavors.

It has a very potent energizing effect.

Its ingredients include glucose, Panax, ginseng, taurine, 160mg of caffeine, and L-carnitine.

3. Fearless energy Drinks.

This is another energy drink on the third spot.

Fearless as the name implies is could make you strong and fearless.

It comes in two varieties- red berry and classic.

It is low in Caffeine. And is made of water, Sugar, taurine, ginseng and some flavours.

It is made by or produced by a Nigerian Company Rites Food LTD Ikeja, Lagos.


4. Bullet Energy Drinks.

Bullet could be some people’s favourite but it took the 4th spot here.

It comes in blue and black varieties.

When chilled it has a still nice taste which could make you drink more of it.

Though overdose or too much consuming of energy drinks is not good for health. This is because of its caffeine content.


5. Power Horse.

Power Horse energy drink can give you the power when you need it

It is owned by Power horse Company.

The drink is low on Caffeine. VitB12, Taurine, Caffeine, water, glucose, Sucrose, naicin, citric acid, Sugar.

It Sugar -free Power horse and the one that has Sugar too.

What Are The Benefits Of Caffeine?

• Helps with boosting and refreshing of the mental of humans

• Gives energy and strength.

•Refreshes the throat and the body.

• Quenches taste.

• Boost activities in office and field.

• Reduces dehydration.

And the above are the top 5 energy drinks in Nigeria, based on popularity and consumption. You can as well chose your favourite.

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