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The personal reason behind Bruno Fernandes’s number change



Since taking over as United’s new no. 8, Bruno Fernandes has revealed the touching reason behind donning his favorite number on his jersey.

Before moving to United in January 2020, Fernandes spent three years playing club football for Sporting in Portugal. Prior to that, he played for Udinese.

The Portuguese player has worn the No. 18 shirt for the Reds ever since moving to Old Trafford, becoming him a fan favorite in the process.

But after Juan Mata, who had previously owned the shirt, left for the summer, Bruno’s favorite color became available.

Prior to the start of the 2022–23 season, the 27-year-old claimed the famous number, which is frequently worn by midfielders, and explained how important the number eight is to him.

He told MUTV, “That garment means a lot [to me]. “That [number] has a history because my father used to play with a number eight when he was a player.

“He stopped playing football because he received a job opportunity, and obviously at that time it was preferable that he had proper work than [to] stay playing football for me, my brothers, and the entire family.”

Bruno recognizes the sacrifice his father made so that he could pursue his dream of playing football, and he feels that by donning the same jersey number as his father, he continues his legacy.

He claimed that for two years, he had been utilizing the number eight. “Since [being a football player] was also his desire, it makes my dream somewhat like his.”

Fernandes said that his “BF8” tattoo on his arm is in fact a tribute to his parents, with whom he shares a close relationship.

He explained, “The B is my mother’s last name, Borges, and the F is my father’s last name, Fernandes.

“My birthday is on the eighth! In light of the fact that the number eight speaks a lot about me, my family, and my past, I enjoy using it. That is why I prefer that particular number.”

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