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Make Money Selling Dried Fish In 2022



How do you see it when you don’t have anything  doing or you had and needed another stream of income to add to the money you get or to you don’t have anything doing. Why don’t you go into fish business. I will teach you how to make money selling dried fish in 2022.

Make Money Online Selling Dried Fish




Why Should You Do This Fish Business?

It is fast moving business and it is lucrative.

People eat fish a lot. You can use it and make stew, soup or any food you cook. And you can eat it like that.

Fish is proteinious. This is what people need to build up and repair worn out tissue.

It’s also good for pregnant women and old people. In fact fish is good for everyone.

So, if you start selling it, it will move fast.


Capital Investment.

Nowadays, you can start business on your capacity.  You  can start low or high. It all depends in your size of pocket.

But drying of fish and selling it is something you can start low if you don’t have enough money.

And if your capital is big, then you can start big, reach more customers and earn fast and more.

If you don’t have money to start. Then you can always get from your little savings, family and friends or borrow from a commercial bank.

Buying Of The Fish.

The fish we are talking about here is frozen fish/ice fish. They sell it in cartons.

You can buy as many cartons as you want or one carton. You can share one carton into two- that is half carton or into four- that is quarter carton.

So, when you buy this you can take to your home where you will dry it.

You can dry at home or in the market place. It all left for you the location you chose to dry. The fact is that you can dry where you want to sell.



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