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Make Money Offline Doing Barbing Salon



In this era where people are looking for a side hustle, second income. full time job or to keep a second or extra business. This particular idea could come in mind. No matter the part of the world that you are living in. People Barb their hair everywhere. So it is a good business, especially for men- looking good. I will talk about how to make money offline doing Barbing Salon. 

Make money offline doing Barbing salon


What Do You Need To Start?

Whether you are operating the business by yourself or need someone to help you do it, where you pay the person. You will need a location and some tools.

If you are operating it in some West African country like Nigeria where you usually have problem of power supply. Then you will need a stand by power supply- Generator.


Tools like Clippers, scissors, methylated spirit, heater or litter , bleach or what to use and sterilize your tools each time you are through with a customer/client.

Get a location in a busy street or road or even close to a standard market.

You also need standard mirror to cover the whole round shop. Then pain your shop with white paint. Buy brushes also.

If you can not do this business on your own then employ a hand and if you want to open a big Barbing salon then employ more hands.

Tell them how much they will be accounting for you each day or place them on salary.


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