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Make 5 Million Naira In a Month 2021



Make 5 Million Naira In A Month 2021

Can you really make it? This is a question that you have to ask yourself. But it is easy for people that are already in the business. People are really looking for how to make money. And 5 Million Naira is a whole lot of money. There are a lot of products to sell and make a 50 naira margin. But we will focus on one. At the end of this article you will learn how to make 5 Million Naira in A month 2021.

Make 5 Million naira

Make Money Selling Bread -Make  5 Million  Naira.

Bread is consumed by everyone both children and adults. It’s usually taken with butter and tea. And often times eaten as breakfast with tea or even as snacks. Also it can be toasted with sauce and spices and sold and eaten.

So, the demand for it is high as Business use it to do business of buying and selling. With bread there is business to be done and a profit to be made.

Now, do you have a vehicle or you can hire on a daily basis. What about a motor bike. You don’t need to carry the whole bread once. Just be carrying it bit by bit to the people that you will supply to.

To achieve the dream of 5 and Million Naira a month you will need to supply about 100,000 loaves of bread in a month at a #50 naira profit per loaf. If you multiple it as in 100000 ×#50 you will get #5,000,000.
You can decide to spread this and earn the above amount in 6 months. But we are looking at how to earn it in one month.

So, for you to supply 100000 loaves of bread in a month -30 days . you will need to supply 3333 of bread everyday .

If you can maintain a steady supply of 3333 loaves of a bread in a day that is a way that you can make it.

A big city like Lagos can fetch you that. Also Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Onitsha and so on can give a huge customers who buy and resell bread on a daily basis.

That is it. Visit some bakery,get their bread and supply to sellers. A 50 customers that you supply at least 70 loaves of bread in a day that is #3500 in a day and that is 3500 loaves of bread in a day.

As you can see that we have surpassed our daily target of 3333 in a day .

And that is the way you easily earn 5 Million Naira in a month.



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