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Liverpool set for major payday as £12.5bn deal takes step closer




Beginning in 2024, Liverpool will place even greater value on winning in Europe.

The Reds, a team with a long history in European football, have been able to use their return to the top of the continent’s football to great effect, using the money made from their success to support the transfer and contract business. They won the 2019 Champions League and were beaten finalists in 2018 and 2022.

Success is essential to the Fenway Sports Group’s business model because it enables them to keep investing in the team while maintaining a healthy balance sheet, which supports the expansion of the company and its value. It is a constructive cycle.

One of the most precious sources of income for Premier League clubs is media rights, which are expected to increase in value as the next TV cycle, which will begin in 2019 and be worth $10 billion domestically and abroad, begins. However, there are even more riches available for teams like Liverpool, who compete on two fronts at home and abroad and are regular fixtures in the Champions League, and they are expected to get even richer as a result of the new Premier League TV agreement.

UEFA assigned TEAM Marketing, a Swiss company, the duty of selling the 2024–2027 rights to the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League earlier this year. UEFA had set a goal of £12.5 billion, which they appear to be on track to meet after the UK rights were sold on Friday.

The total value of the deal for the three broadcasters to show games over the three-year cycle will reach £1.5bn, which is the uplift that UEFA had been seeking from the UK market when they first put the rights up for bid with TEAM. The BBC is also paying to show highlights once a week in the evening.

If the £12.5 billion is raised as anticipated, UEFA and the European Clubs Association (ECA) anticipate that the prize fund, which will be distributed to competing clubs through prize money, TV revenues, market pool, coefficients, and commercial revenues, will rise to €5 billion (£4.2 billion) per season.


While the European Super League ambitions, to which Liverpool played a significant role, may have disintegrated in a matter of days

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