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How To Start Waterleaf Farming Business



Do you care about Agriculture? A lot of things to plant, yes but there are ones that are easy to start, required lesser capital and you harvest quickly. One of such is Waterleaf. We are going to talk about how to start Waterleaf Farming Business.

How To start Waterleaf Farming Business

Prepare The Land.

The land should be sandy-loam, be able to absorb and retain water.

Waterleaf plant thrives well in a rich soil that has good moisture. The location of the land should be accessible, it shouldn’t be too far so you can manage it well.

Make beds about 5m by 2m in size or according to your desire and also as you can manage.

Put walking distance between beds so as to walk about freely without matching the waterleaf.

Make the beds by tilling the soil and raising it to some level. Soils that are raised have been found to do better than the ones on plain ground.

Now, the tilling of soil will help in aeration and weed control.

Mix poultry dung with soil and water and spread them on the bed this will help in enriching the soil and also conserve moisture.

How To Start Waterleaf Farming- The Planting process.

After preparing the bed the next thing to do is planting.

You can plant by using its seeds or by planting their stems.

Planting of waterleaf should be done early in the morning or late in the evening and also when the temperature is low and humidity is high. Spread (broadcast) the seeds on the bed if you are using seed within 5 days they have already germinated.

But if you are planting with waterleaf stem then plant them in clusters, reduce the stem to about 3-5 inches and insert them into the soil gently.

It can germinate whichever way you plant them even if you lie them down but it is advisable to stand them for faster germination.

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