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How To Start Farming Waterleaf For Profit



How To Start Farming Waterleaf For Profit.

Should you be looking for easy Farming. This is it. Farming for profit might not be easy but this one is easier. This is in the sense that you might not make ridge or ridges for it, it will still grow. It grows very fast. And as you cut it grows back. Now isn’t it easier? I ask. I will teach you how to start  farming  waterleaf for profit.

How To Start Farming Waterleaf

Land Preparation- How To Start Farming Waterleaf For Profit.

The land you are going to use could be yours. If it is yours, very good. But if it is not yours, you could buy or rent. You could rent for months or a year.

Now, you prepare your land by clearing the grasses and weeds. It all depends on your size of land. If it is big enough, you use tractors and plough but if it is about a few plots, then you high labourers to do the work by hand.

Planting Of The Stem.

Here you either make ridges or you don’t. Then you can put the stems on the ridges- if you make ridges or on the normal ground if you didn’t.
And within few days to weeks it has germinated. Springing out leafs.
This  in one month and have germinated. And is ready to start harvesting. You cut part of the stem, the upper part once every week and sell in the market.

Marketing Your Waterleaf For Profit.

You harvest and sell to market women who then resell. Or you sell to final consumers. People who can buy in large quantity are those into hotel,  Restaurant, Eateries, Mama Put and so on.

If you have a larger land where you Cultivate it, the if you harvest quantity you can make up to #40000 weekly or even more. It all depends on the quantity that you are able to bring out.

Imagine having space of land, you find out that you can produce quantity and make more money. That is how it goes. Waterleaf moves fast in big cities where people use it to cook vegetables, Edikikiong, and even Afang soup..

It- Waterleaf is high in fibre content and good for the stomach. Your stomach is  soften when you consume it as it makes you to go to toilet easily.

And by going through the above, you find out that, that is the way that you can start farming waterleaf for profit.

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