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How To Start A Toothpick Production Business.



You may need to know this. Every house that eat, whether fish or meat, in fact anything food will need a Toothpick. Restaurants, hotels. Ceremonies, will also need them. So if you start producing it. It is never a bad idea. I will teach you how to start a Toothpick production business. 

Gone are the days when we based so much on importation. We have to also produce to boost the economy of the indigenous country.

How to start a Toothpick production business

Now if you already have a registered that is good. But if you don’t then register it.

Get Your Capital Ready How To Start A Toothpick production business.

If you already have some money to start, that is good. But if you don’t seek for fund. Banks commercial or microfinace.

Also individuals like church members, family or friends can also help to raise capital.

Location  Of Your Business.

If you can acquire a land. Then it is good. But if not possible then work from home. That is if you have a comfortable, neat home

Just make sure you are producing under hygenic condition.

Then you employ one or more hands to make the work faster and meet demand.

Source For Raw materials.

Get raw materials. Bamboo is used here.

Also cutting and sharping machines. Again somoating are needed.

Then small plastic rubber are needed.  Hand Gloves. Then bags or nylons for packing the toothpicks.

Marketing- How To start Toothpick Production Business.

There are places to market. You can supply to supermarkets and hotels. Or to wholesalers  that into packing materials. Restaurants, fast food joints, eateries.And you can also sell to retailers.

Toothpicks are used everyday once you eat. The teeth needs to be neat to avoid tooth decay.

So, venturing into the business is a welcome idea as you are sure of sales.

It is not a business that can tie your money down as per say. If you are willing to do it.

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