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How To Start A Methylated Spirit Production Business



Methylated Spirit is used to clean wounds, both surgical, minor and major injuries. It is extensively used in the medical sector, clinics and hospitals. And even in houses, schools as part of kit of first Aid. So, if you can go into the production. It will be good. I will talk about how to start a methylated spirit production business.

How to start methylated spirit production business


Methylated spirit is also used to remove stains from paint brushes and walls. It is also used as temporary fuel for lamps and stoves.

Map Out Your Business Plan.

To start the production of methylated spirit, you have to map out your business plan. This is true if you want to do this business in a big way. Much capital will be needed for large production, that is quantity production.

Location Or Situation of Your Business.

To start production with any problem with the government. It is good to register your business. When you register it is easy to access loan. Your business is also protected, even though you pay tax.

There are numerous benefits.. You company is respected and honoured. There will be open doors and trust for business.

Get Your Capital Ready- How To Start A Methylated Spirit Production.

You really might need much capital for large scale production. And money for marketing, employees, transportation and so on.

But if you are going on a low way. Then marketing can be done only by yourself. A capital of #15000 can do it.

•Ethanol (10litres)
 •Water (4litres)
 •Measuring containers
•Hand gloves and plastic bottles

Production is very simple.

• Pour the ethanol into the container.

•Add water and mix.

• Then you can add methyl violet. If you like. This is to change the colour. But it adds to the quality of the spirit.

Marketing Of Your Product -How To Start A Methylated Spirit Production.

You can market your product to wholesalers, Chemists and pharmacy. Also hospitals, and medical centers. And you can even sell to individuals.

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