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How To Migrate To Glo Berekete, Benefits, Migration Code



How To Migrate To Glo Berekete, Benefits, Migration Code.

Customers enjoy quality browsing time, massive downloads, and the chance to watch movies on Glo TV. All these is with the same recharge.

Again, new customers on the plan will receive an additional data bonus on first recharge of the month, every month for six.

GLO is one of the best network service provider when it comes to bonuses and data in Nigeria.

How to migrate to Glo Berekete

Recently, Globacom (Glo) has released a new tarrif plan for its users. This tarrif comes with a lot of bonuses and other goodies such as voice and data bonuses. And the beautiful thing is you are rewarded when you recharged as low as N100.

Since the introduction of glo brekete, it has become the default tarrif plan for new customers.

How to migrate to glo berekete.

All new Glo customers with their new Sim cards are already on Glo Berekete as a defualt for 4 months.

But you can still migrate with the code *230#. Simply by dialing it on your phone.

Benefits Of Glo Berekete Plan.

Glo berekete subscribers get whopping 700% bonus on every recharge to call ALL NETWORKS and to browse the Internet.
They also get 150% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month (Up to 5GB FREE), every month for 4 months.
New Glo berekete subscribers also get up to 100% bonus on every data plan they buy for 4 months.

New customers gets credited with N600 immediately they opt in to the glo berekete tariff. The bonus airtime can be used to purchase data and also call every network. Note this: You must recharge N100 and make a phone call for a successful activation.

New subscribers get a whooping 700% bonus upon activation to call all networks and to also browse the internet.
New subscribers get 150% data.

bonus on 1st recharge of the month when they recharge N200 and above for 4 months.

How To Unsubscribe From Glo Berekete Tarrif

There is a simple option for you to opt out of the plan. That is if you are fed up with the plan or maybe you want to migrate or move on with another plan.

You can unsubscribe from berekete by migrating to any other tarrif.


Berekete Bonus Validity.

All bonuses on Glo brekete are valid for 7 days, every unused bonus will expireon the 7th day.

That’s all I can say on Glo Berekete.

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