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How To migrate To Glo Yakata



Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan that is available to Glo customer. It can be assessed by old and new Glo customers. If you don’t know how to migrate to this plan. You will learn it here. I will show you how to migrate to Glo Yakata successfully.

How To Migrate To Glo Yakata


And just with #100, you can get 60GB data every month for six months.  You also get #2200  bonus.

So if you want make a lot of calls or browse a lot. This plan will suit you.

How e Migrate To Glo Yakata.

If you are a new Glo customer this plan is easier. Just buy a  new Glo Sim card and you are automatically on the plan.

But if you are an existing customer just dial, *220# And you are there.

• Dial *220# on your phone. You will be succesfully migrated.

Then to check if the migration is successful.

•Dial *100#

 Bonus And Airtime Balance On Glo Yakata.


Now the bonuses of Glo Yakata varies and depends mainly on how much you recharge.

• A recharge of #100 will give you a bonus Airtime of #350 and a 50MB on your first recharge. Then on subsequent recharge the same month you will get 50MB.

•And a recharge of #200 will give you a bonus of #700 and a bonus of 250MB. Then on subsequent recharge the same month you will get 100MB.

•Upon recharge of #500, you will get a bonus Airtime of #1750 for calls and SMS and  625 free MB. Then 250MB on subsequent recharge.

•A recharge of #1000 will give you a bonus of  #3500 and  1.25GB. Then 500MB on subsequent recharge the same month.

•#5000 recharge will give you a bonus #17500 for  voice calls and SMS. Then 6.25GB and still 2.5GB the same month on subsequent recharge.

How To Check Glo Yakata Airtime And Data Bonus.

To check Glo  Yakata Airtime bonus. Simply dial *220*1#.

To check Glo Yakata Data balance.

•dial *777#

•Enter 1 to select the buy option.

•Put 4 to select the manage data option. You will then see your data balance.

How To Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata Plan.

There is no special code to unsubscribe from Glo Yakata. Simple migrate to other Glo tariff plans. That way you have unsubscribed.

Finally, all the bonuses given on this plans has 7 days- one week validity. So if you don’t use it up it will expire. And it will not roll over.

Just keep a plan, get a Glo new Sim card and enjoy this tarriff plan.


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