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How To Migrate To Glo Berekete



As a Glo subscriber or who wants to be part of the Glo, you may want to migrate to better or other tarrifs. All tarrifs plans are good. It depends on what you want  I will teach  you how to migrate to Glo Berekete and enjoy the plan.

How to migrate to Glo Yakata


You can benefit a lot on Glo berekete. There is a 700 percent bonus on every recharge to use and make calls to all networks, then 150 percent bonus for data till the first four months.

And you also get 100 percent bonus  on data for four months. This is for new subscribers.

New customers get #600 upon opting in or migrating to the plan. The #600 can be used to make calls, buy data.  But to benefit this you must recharge at least 100 and make a call for successful activation.

On recharge of #200 and above, a subscriber gets 150 percent bonus on Data for 4 months.

Also 700 percent bonus is given to new subscribers for calls.

Call Rate For Glo Berekete.

The call Rate for Glo Berekete are charged at 36k/sec from the main balance and 77K/sec from the bonus Airtime.

And SMS is charged at #4 per SMS.

How To Migrate To Glo Berekete.

If you are a new Glo customer that is less than 4 months, the you are automatically, already on the plan. But as an old customer who wants to migrate, just dial *230# on your phone. Follow the prompt. And you are there. 

How To Unsubscribe From Glo Berekete.

To unsubscribe simple migrate to other Glo plans.

When you do that, then you have successfully unsubscribed.

Validity Of Glo Berekete Plans- How To Migrate To Glo Berekete.

The validity of Glo Berekete plans bonus are only for 7 days. After this any unused plans are gone.

So, you need to make use of it as soon as possible with 7 days, as there wouldn’t be any rollover.



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