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How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Talk



If you really care about cheap call rate and data, then you may be left with no choice than to migrate to Airtel Smart talk. This is available to Airtel subscribers and people who wish to join the Airtel. This guide will teach you how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk

How Does The Airtel Smart Talk 2.0 Work?

Airtel Smart talk is for Airtel subscribers that makes a lot of calls. The call rates are cheaper.

Some information about the Airtel Smart talk 2.0 are as follows.

• Call rates on Airtel Smart talk is 11k per seconds after a #7 access fee for the day.

• And #7 is charged only on the day you make calls.

• Also #5 is charged on the days that you don’t make calls.

• On the 14 minutes call, 40 seconds call, #100 will be charged.

• Only subscribers with a minimum balance of #7 can initiate a call for the day.

• Migration to Airtel Smart Talk is free but can only cost money if you migrate twice within the same month. And a service fee of #100 is charged.

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Talk 2.0

The migration to Airtel Smart Connect is simple. You can dial a code or send a command message to Airtel  and you are there.

The migration code of Airtel Smart talk is *315#. 

So to migrate you do it either this way or the other way. Here you do this,

Dial *315# on your Airtel line or 

•Send Yes to 315 to migrate. 

These are the ways that you can migrate to Airtel Smart talk.

Does Airtel Smart Talk Give Bonus? How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Talk.

Yes, Airtel Smart talk give bonuses on recharges. As you continue to use and recharge, you will be given bonuses.

What Is The Cheapest Airtel Subscription/Tarrif Plan?

The Cheapest Airtel Subscription/ tarrif plan is the Airtel Smart talk. It is charged at 11/sec to all networks.

How To Get Free Calls On Airtel


Toopt in DIAL *337#

Toaccess the options *337*1#

To add special number *337*2*phone-number#

To remove a special number *337*3*phone-number#

To check already added numbers *337*4#.

And the above are you can migrate to smart talk with other useful information.

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