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How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends



How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends.

Airtel Family And Friends is a friendly plan introduced by Airtel Telecommunication network as a default to a new Sim card.

Here, you can call Airtel line at 25kobo per secs and that is #15 per minute during the Peak period  – 6am – 10pm and 12kobo per secs which is #12.60kobo per minute  during  off peak – 10pm -6am.

How to migrate to Airtel family and friends

For Peak Periods (between 6 am – 9:59 pm):  Airtel FAF subscribers would be charged 25 Kobo per second for a call within this period.

This rate is less than those from other plans.

For off Peak Periods (between10pm – 5:59 am): During this period, call going to a FAF contact would be charged 21 Kobo per second.

This  rate is much better than one for peak periods.

The disadvantage this posses is that one would likely trouble an uninterested friend or family member during this time of the day.

Adding numbers to your FaF list

Airtel FAF permits registering of only four(4) important contacts.

Initially, these four numbers could be added for free without charg.

However, adding another number after the first four you added would attract a fee.

This means that, if you are unsatisfied with the four numbers you initially had registered into your FAF list, you have the freedom of removing any.

However, replacing another number into its place would cost a fee of ₦20 per number.

To add a number into your FAF list, dial: *311*2*Airtel Number#

e.g. you want to add 08100000000 to your FAF list, dial:


How To Delete Numbers on Airtel Family and Friends.

When unsatisfied with the continued presence of contacts on your FAF list, delete them with ease.

To delete or remove any number from your Family and Friends list, simply dial *311*3*number#.

For example, to delete 08100000000 from your FAF list, dial:


Deleting any number from the Family and Friend list is free!

How To View Numbers On Airtel Family and Friends List

To display the contact numbers of your family members or friends on your FAF List, just dial *311*4#.

Those are the ways that you can go about your Airtel Family And Friends.

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