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How To Make Money Storing And Selling Ogbono



If you are in Nigeria or a Nigerian that stay abroad you will know what Ogbono is all about  You can use Ogbono to cook soup. It is very nice and usually more expensive than it’s counterpart Egusi. Egusi is also use to cook soup. In this guide. I will teach you how to make money Storing and selling Ogbono. This is for people that are  looking for business to use and make money. If you can have enough money it can double or even tripple your  money.

Why You Should Do The Business?

•It is what people eat everyday and there is always a market for it.

•A seasonal crop that is usually cheap between June and August when new ones are coming out And must appreciate at dry season.

•The potential profit is sure.

•Once you know how to dry and preserve it. it can’t go bad.

And you can get this Ogbono in two types. The one that does not draw very well and the one that draws well.

The one that draws very well is better and the best.

How to make money Storing and selling Ogbono

One of the states where you can get this is in Bayelsa state – Ogbono Ijaw, you can as well get it from other states two like Cross River.

It is sold in cups or custards small and big empty buckets. This can be put into bags. And could weigh up to 50 to 53kg.

How To Make Money Storing And Selling Ogbono

Start with the capital you have or if you don’t have. You look for a way to raise some cash.

You can get from good  family and friends, also relatives. Or seek for donations from Church if the priest knows you very well.

When the money is available, start by going to buy from the states that have it in abundance from June through August.

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