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How To Make Money Selling Wood Charcoal



When you are looking for businesses to do but you don’t know, then you need to research. There are a whole lot of things to do, especially buying and selling. You can deal on Charcoal. People produce wood charcoal, sell or export it. This article will teach you how to make money selling Wood Charcoal.

How to make money selling wood Charcoal

Uses Of Charcoal.

Charcoal can be used for many things.

•It can be used as fuel for Jet Engine.

• For cooking, roasting,grilling.

•Can be used as heater in colder continents during winter, autumn and spring.

• Used in the drilling of boreholes.

• To make deodorants.

•For whitening of teeth.

• In the production of activated Charcoal. And activated Charcoals are used in health treatments. Examples are in the filtering or removal of toxins from the body.

In treatment of Diarrhea, filteration of water,  Skin care and skin infection, whitening of teeth.

It can also be used in the treatment of bloated stomach and in reducing of bad odour.

Why Do This Business?

This is a business that have come to stay. And it is in high demand.

It is also lucrative and pays more if you can get contacts to export and sell abroad.

Capital For The Business Of Charcoal.

This depends on how you want to start it. But everyone will want to start big.

If you have huge capital or you can source for fund from banks, that will be good.

If you have your own money or you raise money from family, relatives and also friends, that is still good

The beautiful thing about the business is that you can start in a low key and sell to end users.

But in a big way you can sell in bags to retailers and end users.

Register Your Business- How To Make Money Selling Wood Charcoal.

It is always good to register your business when you want to start

Register with your countries body of business. Like in Nigeria you can register with cooperate affairs commission.

Their are many benefits of registering a business. It also makes it easier to acquire funds, expand and go on a larger scale when a business is registered.

How To Make Money Selling Wood Charcoal.

Get a location and set it up. If your capital is small. then buy from a wholesaler close to you.

And tie in nylon bags and sell. But it all depends on if you can buy up to 5 to 10 bags. You can also add little profits and sell in bags if you see someone that will buy bag.

That is the way to do it. But to do it on a large scale, then you will need a huge amount of money.

Exporting Charcoal is the real deal. Here you earn in foreign currency.





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