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How To Make Money Selling Madiga



How to make money selling Madiga. This is also known as Unleavened bread.

How to make money selling unleavened bread

Some states in Nigeria eat it a lot. An example of such state is Bayelsa, Yenagoa. It is a snack they can’t do without. especially if you can hawk it.
How to make my dick.

How to make Magicka?

My nigga.

Manteca. Madigan.

How to make unleavened bread.

Not really. How to make money selling on leavened bread.

Probably is on station City on Little Bread.

Unleavened bread had been you eaten by people every day. It has come to stay in some cities.

It is a smack that people cannot deal with on a daily basis.

It’s not like that can go with drinks.

It is Mac that’s can go with drink.

It says Max that can go with drink. Snacks.

The profit for this bread is usually higher than the normal brake.


The prophet is usually x 2 of what we bought.

As a human, you bought a Magicka of 5000 naira. After Salinas, you make a profit of $5,000.

I mean, 5000 naira.

You want to make higher profit, you have to hook the product.

Hook the product. How could the product?

I mean, you should talk the products.


Is it good?

Where you got your product abou, part is solid muscle.

You sell every day from Monday to Friday.

And even on Saturdays.

The Profit you make depends on your strength. Where you can go, how many hours you can give to the business.

If you can give some hours, represent can make a presently more than 5000, naira.

In Pious, Estates Uniqua. In BIOS. Estates Uniqua. In Nigeria.

There are places where you can easily sell it faster. Sometimes Everybody Eats each day.

If you sell it, there you make a fortune on a daily basis.

Even though there are a lot of sellers, the room is there for you. The demand is always her.

So if you don’t have anything, do you know, thinking of water to it a business that you can start with little capital?

And you make a huge profit every day. So. you can really make money selling Madiga.

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