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How To Make Money Online Through Opay Cash rain



Yes, Opay has come to stay. The owners of Opera mini.  And with an Android phone and by downloading the app then you can make money from Opay. There are host of ways to make money from them like through their refferal program, Investments for interests, being a Marchant, working as a mobile money agent for them just to mention a few But here we are going to learn how to make money online through Opay Cash rain.

The steps to take includes signing up for Opay and activating it. You will need an Android phone.

How to make money online

Download Opay App On Google Play store.

On your phone visit Google play store . Then search for Opay app and download it.  Install it.

Registration/Sign Up.

You register with your name, date of birth, phone number. Bank details, and even ID card for verification. When your registration is complete you will receive a verification number code on your phone.

Use it and verify your phone number. Then there is further  verification of ID when you want to do higher transaction.

When your account is activated, then you are free to use it and do a lot of things

You can use it to do transfer of funds/money to different banks. And you can even receive with it.

Aso you can do Airtime top up, buy or sell, become a Merchant to sell and earn money on Opay.

Infact, there are a lot of bills that you can pay with Opay. Something like utility bills- PHCN, Water, DSTV and GoTV and so on.

It is an app where you can save money and earn interest daily.  You can get loans for Business- or personal use.

How To Make Money Online Through Opay Cash Rain.

This is a cash back  process use to reward their customers.

It is meant to run through a certain period of time. But as of date, they are still doing it.

The Cash rain is run twice in a day. and You only need to log in at that time or after. And there will be cash falling from up to down. A box and naira card naira card normally falls.

Just be clicking on them as they are falling from up to down. If you are lucky, then you can get up #700 or a bit above. But most times, you get #10 to #23 or above.

This is added to your balance almost immediately.

If you are very serious with it. Then you can earn a buck with it, everyday.



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