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How To Make Commercial Paper Bags



Do you know that you can actually make bags with a paper? That is the truth. Are you looking for a business to start or a side hustle? This is how you can do it. How to make commercial paper bags.

How to make paper bag


As some countries or a lot have complained about both the health and environmental hazards of polythene bags, even as they still use it, it is likely that paper packaging will come to stay.

If people are going to accept it. That will be good as for the fact that it is biodegradable, only that it is quiet expensive compared to it  nylon counterpart.

How To Make Commercial Paper Bags.

You can do this machine or manual. Create the different sizes of packaging that you want.

Perforate the hand and be put handle.

To make your work neat and faster- this is to also to produce large quantity, then you need to get an automatic machine loacally or import from Asia, China preferably. An Automatic machine is to use and meet demand.

You can make it in different colours. This is to suit the taste of the people.

Location Of Your Business.

You can start this from home or you rent or acquire a land and start off Production

Capital For Your Business.

You can use your personal savings or help from family and friends. And what about banks. You can get loans from them  And this is very possible if you had registered your business with CAC.

Marketing And Sales.

It is either you market your product personally or you sell to wholesalers. These people will in turn sell to end time users or sell to middle men or sellers.

This is a good business a d very lucrative. The demand for it is high..

Only that if is cheaper to use nylon but paper bags are biodegradable.


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