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How To Make #5000 Daily With No Shop



It can really happen. And people can even make more than that in a day. You don’t need a shop to do that. You only need your leg and strength. But you will have  some products to sell. In this article I will teach you how to make #5000 daily with no shop.

How to #5000 daily

Life is all about business and pleasure. But business before pleasure, here. You will find out that there are many things you can do to earn #5000 daily. And you can even earn more.

But the two Businesses that I am going to talk about are selling of Nylon- waterproof- cellophane and bread.

These two and some others that you can think of or see around can be done everyday.

People use nylon to package everyday and people also eat bread daily. They come back for the second two everyday. And are never tired.

So the demand is always there and high.

How To Make #5000 Daily Selling Nylon.

Now look at nylon business. There are different nylon to sell. We have big black handless, small black handless, small black with hand, then big black with hand.

Also, flat white, normal white – Santana, Pencil mouth for groundnut,Sack bags, Designers nylon, laundry nylon, Ice water nylon and so on. It depends on what you want to use it for.

So you can buy all these or select some that are moving very fast and be Hawking or supplying it early in the morning.

Each packet of nylon is sold with a profit margin of #50, #40,#35, #25, #20. It all depends on were you buy it.

If you buy from a wholesaler in Aba or Onitsha, it is usually cheaper. But you think of  the transportation to the state you stay. Or you Cather for the way bill.

Depending on your capital, you can buy in rolls- packets of 10 or in bags. A bags contains 10 rolls. And each rolls contains packets.

If you hawk or supply 100 to 150 or 200 packets in a day. Multiple 200 by #25 you will get #5000.

So this profit can go higher depending on how much you bought your nylon or how many packets you were able to sell.

Selling Or Supplying Of the Bread.

This is very easy, especially if you have a truck or wheel-barrow or even a car. But if can use a pushable truck to sell bread. That will be good.

Just visit or meet the bakery. You can meet different bakeries. And negotiate to become a seller for them.

If you can supply or sell 100 loaves of bread in a day. You will make #5000. This is because each loaf of bread you sell the profit margin is #50.

So when you multiple #50 by 100 you will get #5000.

So, are you looking for business to do. Or you want to add extra streams of income. Then you can do nylon or bread business. 

Your chances of even making more than #5000 is sure. Start it off and build capital base. You will find that it is easier than you think. But the initial effort will be tough. And if you stick on it becomes easy.




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