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How To Make #5 Million naira Easily



It is very possible. If you know what you are doing. How to make #5 Million naira  easily. But all the same what you have to know is that the results of today could be efforts put some years or months back. Unless you won a jackpot or lotto.

How to make #5 Million easily

And sometimes it can come with a very good idea. well planned.

What problem/s can you solve for people? What is new that people haven’t heard before. What are you going into that is no competition in it already? If you can solve these questions, then you will make your money.

And.  that is the truth of the matter. There are many ways that you can get this done. But the easier you solve people problems by rendering services or producing a fast moving product for consumer use, then the better.

How to make #5 million Naira easily might seem to tough but to dome it is easy.

Now going into production and selling will do the magic.

What Can You Produce?

A lot of things, I tell you.

What people use every day.

Things that you use water to produce. This will enable you to make more profit.

And things that don’t need sophisticated machine to produce.

With the above mentioned, then we will talk about – the production of liquid bleach.

Every household needs bleach for washing of some cloths, and for sanitizing the rooms and toilet, also bathroom.

So, the product is fast moving even as in developing countries people still needs sensitization to use it more.

Hospitals and some factories also use it. So it is a product to look into.

How To Make #5 Million Naira Easily.

Get your raw materials ready. Then your packaging materials.

Produce quality products. Then package in gallons or cans, seal and supply to wholesalers.

It is not as if you can’t sell to consumers. You also do that but you make more money faster if you supply to whosellars.

If you can supply up to 100000  cans or gallons – small gallons or  with a

Profit margin of  #50 each. That is the way to make it.

100000 gallons multiply by #50 that will give you #5 million Naira.

Do this repeatedly and make  huge money.

But it depends on your capital and how much gallons that you are able to produce.

If you can supply this within the same month or a space of 6 months to one year. You can still supply it within few days.

That is the way to make it.


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