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How To Do Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal



Have you gone out of home without your ATM card or you forgot it? Maybe you feel the need of not going out with it? And you needed to withdraw money from the ATM? You can do it without your ATM Card. Today, you can actually withdraw money without an ATM. I will talk  about how to do Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal.  

How to do Access bank Cardless withdrawal


Access bank is one of the leading bank in Nigeria.  They have arised from the merging of the old Intercontinental bank and diamond bank. They are innovative and also a retail bank based on their relationship with their customers.

And there are various ways that you can do the Cardless Withdrawal with them, one is :

Using USSD To Withdraw.

Though the old diamond Bank code still works *426# but we are going to use the main Access Bank  code since they have merged.

1. On your phone dial *901#

2. Then select other services.

3. Go for Cardless Withdrawal.

4. Click or select 1 for self withdrawal and 2 for third party withdrawal.

5. Select account.

6. Put the amount that you want to withdraw. The amount should be minimum of #1000 and maximum of #20000.

7. Follow the prompt command.

8. A code will come to your phone for a successful withdrawal.

9. Now visit any enabled ATM Cardless Withdrawal Machine.

10.  Press 0 to initiate a Cardless withdrawal.

11.  Click on Access Money and put your phone number, amount that you wish to withdraw and the code sent to your phone.

12. The cash is dispensed to you.

 Cardless Withdrawal On The Mobile App.

If you already have the mobile app on your Android phone, that is good. You can visit any Access bank on your area to have it downloaded, installed and activated on your phone. Or you can download it on Google play store.  Steps to use it and Withdraw:

1. Login to your Access bank mobile app.

2. Click on Cardless withdrawal.

3. If you have more than one account number with Access bank. then select the account number that you wish to use and withdraw.

4. Put the amount you want to withdraw.

5. Put the one time password -OTP sent to your phone.

6. Put your pin.

7. You will receive a transaction code for a successful withdrawal.

8. Then go to a Cardless withdrawal enabled ATM machine to withdraw your money.

Withdrawal Through Access Bank Agent.

You can actually withdraw from an Access bank agent. This is called the Access Closa Agent. You can visit any one- Access Closa Agent to do the withdrawal.

How To Do Access Bank Cardless withdrawal :


• Visit any Access Closa Agent near you.

• Dial *903# and click on withdraw cash.

•Select Agent withdrawal option

•Enter amount and agent code and validate the transaction with your pin.

• You will receive a notification SMS that your transaction have been processed.

• Then you receive your cash from the agent.

Here you are good to go. Those are the ways that you can do your Cardless withdrawal.



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