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How To Do A Nylon Waste Side Hustle Business



Looking for a side hustle Business, then go no further. You can make make through this means. And with little capital or none. You can do this business. All you need is the passion and you are there. This guide will teach you how to do a nylon waste side hustle Business. If you really want, then you can still do it full-time. The choice is yours.

How to do a nylon waste side hustle Business

There are many waste to pick, pack or buy and resell. It could be metal – ferrous and non- ferrous, papers- cartons, ordinary papers especially white. And nylon is one of them.


You need to work hard to gather quantity nylon. This will enable you to make some money from it.

Nylon usually have low weight if it in small quantity without anything added to it. So, you will need it large quantity to make money from it.

Where Do You Get Waste Nylon In Quantity?

You can get this in large quantity in pure water Production company. During packaging of the nylon. there could be machine fault which could result to wastage of nylon. They don’t use it again but  can only disposed it.

Now what you do is this, meet them one on one and discuss on how you will help them and be disposing there waste nylon.

If they say that they don’t disposed it but sell it. Then discuss with them the price that you can buy and resell with a large profit.

You can meet more than one company and if they agree. Then you are good to go. What you will do is to get all those waste nylon and give to companies that can recycle it.

They pay you when you bring it to sell to them. And you can be a scavenger, a middle man or a recycler.


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