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How To Check Your Airtel Number In A Seconds



Are you one of those that just got your Airtel number and yet to cram it. Or you can’t say it by heart. Or you seems to have a lot of phone numbers or some things on your head that your can’t have a number handy. I will show you how to check your Airtel number in a seconds. That way you will check your number. Either you write it down and try learning to  memorize it.

How to check your Airtel number


Actually, one might need to write the phone number or use it and fill a form very fast. And if it is not handy, then you will need to dial a code to get it very fast. This is for Airtel customers/subscribers.

There are different ways that you can do it. One of them is this…

How To Check Your Airtel Number.

On your phone dial *282# and send.

You will see a flash or USSD message saying…. Hi your mobile number is ××××××××.  That way you can copy your phone number.

But before you even start this, make sure that your Airtel line is activated.

• Another way that you can check it is this,  *121*1#  when you dial on your activated Airtel Sim card. You will see a promo message. Then click on ok. And  a message containing your phone number will be displayed to you.

The above process is the same with the first, only that the codes are different.

• Also you can dial 121 or 198 on your phone. Then a call will take you to the customer care/support of Airtel.

Then click 1 for mobile services, and an IRV  telling you your phone number and your balance is what you will see and hear.

•Then the final way that you can get your Airtel phone number is to download the Airtel app on Google play store.

So, do you already have the app on the go on your mobile or you don’t you can download.

This option is for Android users.

Now go to the home page of my Airtel app and you will see your mobile phone number, Airtime Balance, plans of your Sim card, data balance and other information.

The above are simple ways that you can use and check your Airtel number in seconds.

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