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How To Browse With 50 Naira For Two Weeks



In this article you will learn how to browse with 50 Naira for two weeks.
How to browse with 50 Naira on your MTN line.

How to browse with 50, naira on your MTN line.

I mean on your MTN line.



This is for empty and subscribers.

For empty and subscribe us. For MTN subscribers.

You may be wondering how you can do this. For it is possible to browse with just 50 naira. I mean, 50


How to browse with

On your MTN line. MTN line.

And you can enjoy this for two weeks.

It is also called bye week. Not really.


Thank you.

How can you do this?

You only need to have a balance of 50 naira.

Then you subscribe.

If you are the type, that knows how to economize or use a smaller phone, You can benefit from this.

And if you are the type that even use Android phones, You can still benefit if you know how to manage your data.

And if you are using Android phone, Some of the and some of the, some of the apps applications. Has switched off. You can manage this data. And if you happen to exhausted, you get new one.

What? All I know is that it is economical.

Then what you do is this simply dial  *131*25# and you are good to go.

You are given 200mb. It is now left for you to manage it.

But this is usually better for people that use smaller phones. But people using Android phones can still manage it. That is if you can switch of your apps that drain apps.

It is not all MTN subscribers that are eligible. If you dial it and it goes through. Then you are eligible but if you dial it and it says that you are not eligible that is it.

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