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Earn Money Selling Bags Of Cement In Nigeria



Hopefully you can really make it here with the right attitude. You can really earn money selling bags of cement in Nigeria.

Earn money selling bags

This is one business that you can do as a distributor. But you require a shop, ware house or a long and big caravan to do it. And it also needs capital, I mean huge capital. Though there is a room to start little but the little all depends. Not very little. This is because a bag of Cement cost about #3400 – the current market price. So you will need huge money to even get started.

Like starting little with 100 bags. When you buy 100 bags, then you are getting it for #340,000. It still all depends on how you buy it. You can buy for 1000 bags or as much as you have capital.

Sourcing For Capital.

You can start with your own savings. Or raise funds from family or even friends.

And also you can get loan from commercial or microfinance bank.

Location Of Your Business.

You will need to locate your business in an industrialed, a major city, a developing state or country.

Here people are always building houses for personal and commercial purposes. The demand will be high.

Even as people will always come from around villages and towns close by to buy from you.

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