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Countries That You Can Travel To Without Visa



Counties that You can travel to without Visa. And without Visa but with international or ordinary passport,travel allowance, proof of sponsorship or that you can take care of your self. Here it is.

Togo: Nigerians needn’t bother with Visa to visit Togo since it’s a Western African State. Togo is another sans visa country in Africa for Nigerians

Countries that you can travel to

Vanuatu: Vanuatu, an Oceanian country offers Nigerian Passport holders free section for 30 days without a visa. Despite the fact that to acquire section into the country, you should give a return ticket and evidence of adequate assets for yourself.

Bangladesh: situated in the Asian mainland, is another non-African country which permits sans visa section for Nigerians, yet a Visa is given on appearance for a time of 30 days.

Burkina Faso: is a West African country which permits visa free passage for Nigerians for no specified time.

Comoros: is a nation situated in East Africa which doesn’t need a visa yet gives a visa on appearance. Comoros Island is a created island with white sandy sea shores, monster organic product bats, volcanoes, and rainforests.

Cambodia: country situated in the Southeast Asian locale. Albeit no Visa is required for going there a Visa is given on appearance for a time of 30 days for Nigerians.

Kenya: the East African nation is additionally a without visa country yet Visa is given at the mark of passage into the country. It is a delightful vacationer location with loads of untamed life.

Uganda: This East African country with rich recorded cooking and locales permits Nigerians to go to the country however they should acquire a visa at the place of section.

Sudan: Nigerians can get visas at the passage highlight visit the monstrous deserts and natural life protections in this enormously tremendous country.

Rwanda: the East African nation is likewise a visa free passage yet Visa is gotten on appearance for Nigerian identification holders.

Djibouti: is situated in East Africa, a visa free nation yet Visa is acquired at the mark of passage. It is probably the best spot to visit for vacation destinations.

Georgia: is the lone European country which offers Nigerians visa on appearance and it is likewise ordered as a visa free country since it is just given on appearance into the country.

Mauritius: Mauritius offer Nigerians, visa free stay for a term of 90days in the country.

Somalia: Nigerians get Visa on Arrival in Somalia for a time of 30 days. Somalia is another visa free country and you can remain in the country for as long as 30 days without a visa.

Sri Lanka: Nigerian Passport holders making a trip to Sri Lanka will require an “Electronic Travel Authorization” that will empower their visit in the country which permits a 30 days stay without a visa.

Tanzania: it is additionally a visa free country and it permits Nigerians to get visa on appearance in the country.

Seychelles: an East African nation is a visa free nation however Intending guests to Seychelles are encouraged to apply for a 1-month extendable visa before appearance into the country.

Mozambique: The South and West African nations have an arrangement that empowers Nigerians visiting Mozambique, a visa on appearance for 30 days stay.

Haiti: The Caribbean country permits free visa section to Nigerians for a length of 3 months in the country. That is to say, you can keep awake to 90 days in Haiti and true to form you ought to have the option to demonstrate that you will be returning toward the finish of your excursion by giving a bring ticket back.

Madagascar: is an African country which permits Nigerians to get Visa on appearance in Madagascar for a term of 90 days.

The above are the countries that you can travel to without Visa.

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