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A Keke Napep Caught Fire In Yenagoa



Earlier Today being 14th July, 2021. A Keke Napep Caught Fire in Yenagoa. This happened a bit farther away from NIT Junction. That was opposite the yet to kick off Bayelsa State polytechnic.

A Keke Napep Caught Fire

Unaware for the driver who is an Hausa man. The fire started on the middle of the road. And all the passengers came out. A younger lady picked race. Then the other woman in the Keke left and started walking out going on her way. It was only one  young guy that stayed with the driver.

A Keke Napep Caught Fire In Yenagoa.

They were trying to put off the fire. But it was hard as they used water and Detergents to quench the fire. As it couldn’t work out. They started using sand.

Other Keke drivers came by to assist them. One man even poured sand

And this caused traffic hold up on the road. Actually the road is always a busy one because it passed through the express.

The truth was all cars at the back of the burning Keke stopped by and watched. Perhaps if they move forward they will catch fire.

So, as they continued trying, they finally put the fire off after some minutes.

And they shifted the Keke by the road side and the other cars started passing again.

The Keke Napep was nearly a new one. This was observed by the neatness of the Keke and even the pain, which is still new.

Then there is still nylon on the seats. And that is one thing to know a new Keke Napep. But why did it catch fire? This is a question for the driver.

Such things of Cars and Keke Napep catching fire are common occurrences.

It could be avoided simply by servicing all automobiles before starting any work with it  This is especially for vehicles meant for commercial purposes.

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