Best Apps to Make ₦₦₦₦₦ Online in Nigeria (2022)

There are various ways that one could earn a living online, either via apps or websites. You could sell services, blog, and trade using digital assets to make money. But knowing the right platforms to do these is not an easy task. If you’re a Nigerian searching for ways to make money online in Nigeria, then you’re in the right spot to get that information.

There are online platforms out there that allow users the ability to make money conveniently. You could have a day job and still earn a living via these platforms as a side hustle. If you’re a student, these money-making platforms will favour you greatly, as they give you time to study whilst making money online.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best online apps to make money in Nigeria. These apps are very popular and have made a great impact in helping people earn a living online. If you’re not in Nigeria but also wish to earn online, we’ve written an article listing the best apps to make money online.

Without further ado, let’s dive into today’s topic.

List of the Best Online Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

Below, I’ve handpicked the best apps that’ll set you on your journey to making money online. But you should know that earning money with these apps requires that you’re persistent, patient, and hard-working.

1. Swagbucks

Make Money in South Africa

Swagbucks is a loyalty and consumer rewards program that allows you to make money shopping online. Yes, this app will reward you with SB points, the platform’s currency when you buy groceries, and other shop-worthy items. These SB points can be converted into real cash when you withdraw using a PayPal account.

There are other methods to make money worth Swagbucks, and they include playing games, answering survey questions, searching the web using its built-in search engine, and installing the Swagbucks browser extension. Swagbucks app is only available on iOS devices, but Android phone users could easily access the platform on a web browser via:

Swagbucks is one of the most credible online apps to make money in South Africa conveniently. It is not stressful, and to get started, all you need do is to sign up and log into your account.

2. Foap


If you’re a professional at taking great shots, i.e photographer, then you do not have to wait on clients before making money. Foap app allows you to turn photos into money. Yes, those random shots of nature you may have taken using your camera, can make you money with ease. Foap app lets you sell pictures to make money online.

You could sell even more images when you create a web portfolio for buyers to see your photos. Using this app, you can upload unlimited photos at once for people to buy. There’s no better feeling than when you make money doing what you love the most. This app is only available for Android phones, but iOS users may access the platform on a browser via:

3. Fiverr

Fiverr - Make Money in South Africa

If you’re a freelancer with digital skills you can offer as a service to people, Fiverr is the best platform for such. Fiverr is regarded as a marketplace to buy and sell services. Yes, there are other platforms like Fiverr out there, but it’s the best among all. Believe me, selling your services in this space is not an easy task.

Whether you’re into web development, programming, graphic design, video making, and animation, you will compete with a lot of people offering the same service as you. But there are certain ways you can manoeuvre around this. Fiverr is one of the best apps to make money in South Africa if you’re a student or someone looking for a side hustle. This app is available both on Android and iOS devices, but if you must do more, it’s advisable to access the platform on the web via:

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a platform that allows you to order food online. I’m guessing you want to know how you can earn using this platform. Uber Eats gives you the opportunity to earn money when you deliver food to people. In simple terms, you get paid to deliver food to people. This service is available in a few countries and South Africa is one of them. So if you’re a student, you may earn some money online when you take food deliveries. This app is available for download both on Android and iOS devices.

5. Udemy

Udemy - Make Money Online

Udemy lets you sell digital courses online to people who need them. If you’re good at any digital skill, you may educate people on how to earn money with that skill. Now you can sell this course to people willing to buy them. Are these courses in writing? Definitely not. Udemy is all about buying and selling video courses.

So if have good knowledge of a particular skill, you can make money selling knowledge about that skill to people. But to get started, you must know how to record or make videos perfectly explaining that skill and how it could make money for people. Just like Fiverr, this platform creates a sort of competition between course sellers, so if you must make sales, you should be good at what you do. It is one of the best apps to make money in South Africa if you have a digital skill to teach. Here’s an article revealing other websites like Udemy to sell courses online.

6. Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

We can all agree that two credible ways to make money online are crypto and stock trading. Trading is risky, but it makes you money if you know what you’re doing. So how would you make money online without too much risk? Well, the Olymp Trade platform got you covered in that aspect. It offers a training demo account that lets you learn how to trade without risking your funds.

This app will guide you in every aspect of stock trading and when you become perfect, you can make real money when you fund your account and begin trading. You can trade stocks and crypto from the comfort of your home. Olymp Trade also hosts tournaments that let you compete against other seasoned traders from across the globe, giving you the chance to win, and earn various rewards.

It’s advisable not to have a greedy mindset before you go into trading. Learn the ropes well before funding a live account. Trading can lose or make you money, so trade responsibly.


Now you can make money online conveniently and with ease when you download and install the apps listed above. These are the best online apps to make money in South Africa as a student and hustler. They will enable you to earn money online if you’re persistent and patient. You may download them and begin your journey of earning a living online.

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