Nigerian Lady Uses N360k Husband Gave Her For Bone Straight Hair To Start Poultry Business (Photos)

A video which is currently going viral on social media has shown the moment as a Nigerian lady thrilled social media users as she used the money her husband gave her for bone straight hair to start a poultry business.

The woman who posted the video was identified as @sasha_mac_reality on TikTok. Posting the video, she explained that the poultry business she started from the money her husband gave her to buy hair is fast growing.

The beautiful woman further revealed that when her husband gave her 360k to buy hair, she was scrolling on YouTube when she came across a video about poultry farming.

Then she thoughts about it and saw that it was not necessary to spend such a huge amount of money to buy the bone straight so she decided to invest it in a business.

In the video, the woman posted, she showed how her chickens started growing as chicks still when they were due to be sold out, but she noted that she won’t sell them now as she will wait for Christmas so she can sell them out and cash out.

See her video below:

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