List Of Handwork and Digital Skills to Learn as a Student in Nigeria

Skills to Learn as a Student in Nigeria

There are two categories of skills you can learn as a student in Nigeria;

  1. Handwork
  2. Digital Skills

Handwork is skills that require the use of your hands and other forms of physical labour.

For example, hairdressing, makeup, and baking are examples of handwork.

Digital skills involve using the computer and the internet to solve problems. It does not call for physical labour like handwork.

Programming, Web design, copywriting and video editing are examples of digital skills you can learn as a student to make money.

Most Profitable Skills to Learn

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As a student, it can be a difficult choice to decide on the best skill to learn.

It is at this stage that many students get things wrong. They jump to acquire skills without researching the prospect.

Because your friend is earning money from affiliate marketing does not imply you have to become an affiliate marketer.

You must choose a skill that aligns with your natural ability and passion. Search within yourself to identify your strength and flare.

For example, you can opt for copywriting if you enjoy writing or makeup if you find makeup artistry interesting.

Your goal should not be to make money while trying to choose a lucrative skill. Money will come when you can provide a valuable service.

Let me know in the comment if you have challenges deciding on which skill to learn.

Handwork Skills to Learn as a Student in Nigeria

The following are lucrative handwork to learn as a student in Nigeria;

  1. Makeup Artistry
  2. Photography
  3. Hairdressing
  4. Wall Painting
  5. Catering Services
  6. Baking and Confectionery
  7. Phone and Laptop Repair
  8. Wall Paper Installation
  9. Dry Cleaning
  10. Student Lodge Agent

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