Mother chases her daughter with a belt after catching her doing TikTok video half nakd (video)

The live Instagram session of a slay queen was forcibly interrupted by the slay queen’s mother, who threatened to beat the crap out of her by brandishing a belt and getting ready to do so.

The lady, however, recognizes the threat in time to flee for her life in a video that has since received a lot of positive feedback from people using the internet.

The young woman could be seen dancing in her underwear in the video that was going viral on social media. The fact that her bare skin was on display in such a public setting sent a powerful message.

The lady exited the scene silently once she deciphered what was about to take place in front of her very eyes. Just at that moment, her mother walked in, and just as she did, she saw what was about to happen.

Watch the video that is provided below.

Watch the video below;


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