Jealous Nota Baloyi Ieaks bedroom video with ex-wife Berita (Video)

Berita’s life with Nota Baloyi after their marriage has been brought to the attention of the general public, as we can all agree. The two have been making headlines for a variety of different reasons as of late. Following the breakup of their relationship, their intimate moments in the bedroom appear to be flooding social media.

Not so long ago, the two of them were at Berita’s, but they have gone their separate ways since then. Despite the fact that their marriage appeared to be picture perfect, it ended in divorce after claims of domestic violence were made against Nota.

Berita has it that she finally gave up since she was subjected to both mental and emotional torture before she did so. She gives the impression that maintaining her calm is her first priority. Because of this, she decided to end her relationship with Nota.

Goodnight to all my haters… Goodnight to all the women jealous of my wife. Enjoy watching her shut down the timeline!🤣

However, it is interesting to note that the two have been engaging in antagonistic behavior toward one another via social media. In response to these ongoing battles on social media, Nota has been dishing the dirt on Berita. Mzansi is under the impression that Nota has been actively gushing about his separated wife on various social media platforms.

He hasn’t been tweeting as much or throwing as many barbs as of late, but he has been providing Mzansi with videos and photographs of the singer in her personal space. In the midst of everything that Mzansi left behind, he deviated from the ordinary throughout the course of the weekend by posting a video of himself and Berita sharing an intimate moment when they were in bed together.

Following the audacious thread on Twitter, several users of other social media platforms expressed their anger with the manner in which Nota conducted herself. Some people might even mockingly broadcast videos of their sexual encounters with other people. People speculated that he was emotionally upset by the breakup, which they believed to be the cause of his behavior on Twitter.

“Goodnight to everyone who hates me… Good night to all the women who are green with envy because of my wife. “Enjoy seeing her close the book on the timeline,” he wrote as the video’s caption.

After their disagreement, the two have been at the center of unwanted media attention for the wrong reasons. When the new week began, there were rumors going about that Nota Baloyi had reconciled with his wife Berita after they had been apart for three months.

However, both parties denied the allegations, with Nota spreading false accusations about his wife throughout social media and tarnishing her reputation. After moving out of their marital home, he went so far as to call her homeless and claim that she had nowhere to live. Berita refuted his claims by showing a beautiful view from her apartment, which she said was proof that she had somewhere to live.

Many people believe that Berita is one of the least problematic persons in celebville, and they believe that she did not deserve what Nota was doing to her because of this. Berita did not comment on the rumor that Nota’s wife had joined the Illuminati and was possessed by demons, but Nota did say that his wife had joined the Illuminati. However, his and her supporters sided with her and urged Nota to seek professional assistance for his mental health because they were convinced that he had lost his mind by this point.

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